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Travel Reimbursement Scholarships

In an effort to strengthen our community of practice and to expand statewide access to advanced training in sandplay therapy, the Sandplay Therapists of Hawai`i (STH) with the International Society of Sandplay Therapists (ISST) are offering a limited number of travel reimbursement scholarships (up to $200 each) for neighbor island therapists who may experience difficulty traveling to Oahu for training due to the cost of travel.  


Therapists who meet all the following requirements are eligible to apply:

1.  Member of STH in good standing

2.  Neighbor island resident (e.g., Hawai`i resident other than the island of O`ahu)

3.  Practice sandplay therapy (or in training to practice sandplay therapy)

4.  Completed at least six (6) hours of STA/ISST training in Sandplay Foundations

5.  Registered for STH training on O`ahu (neighbor island rate) and submitted request for scholarship at least four (4) weeks prior to desired training.

6.  Attests financial need (honor system) that travel scholarship makes it possible for them to attend the training.

7.  Completes scholarship application.

8.  Agrees to submit receipt for airline ticket and related expenses (up to $200) using STH Expense Voucher form.

9.  Has not received a STH/ISST travel scholarship before (one-time only award).


Applications will be reviewed in the order that they are received on the basis of the aforementioned requirements. Notice of the award will be made in writing within 14 days of receipt.


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